Daily Archives: July 10, 2020

MySQL 8.0.12: The Devil Is In The Detail

More than a billion views now use MySQL to access post, comment, member, and more. As we have evolved the product and added new functionality, the underlying technologies that power OpenSooq have changed substantially. We have dozens of background tasks that handle things like payments and analytics. Many of the queries that are run by these…

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Cisco NX-OS 9K – LDAP Configuration
How to break apart an IPv6 /56 6rd delegated prefix from ISP into multiple /64 VLANs for use with SLAAC EUI-64? [Cisco]

I’m having some trouble configuring LDAP authentication (via Windows AD) when connecting via ssh on our CISCO. I replaced some information from the switch, you will see it in uppercase here. Currently we only have one shared user, and the goal is to have users login with their own AD accounts and passwords. I’ve verified…

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